Why Feedback hook?

How are we different from others?

We always value your sucess before our software. Whether you're at the beginning of your search or if you're already very close to deciding for which feedback management solution to opt for, you're bound at some point to ask yourself a fundamental question – "What's the difference between all these services and what does that mean for my business?" The fact is: you won't find much product differentiation out there – we all provide essentially the same thing. Anybody that tells you they have technical superiority in online feedback management software, isn't focused on the factors that can truly drive business results for customers. Does that mean our technology isn't top-notch or innovative? No, it simply means that the differences that will ultimately matter to your business don't fall under that heading.

Here are factors which do:

Customer Commitment

We hear time and again from customers that our support is personal, fast, and effective. For two years in a row, 96% of customers say the support we provide is good or excellent.

Simple approach

We have always kept things simple. Be it for our customers or your customers. We keep the complex things out requiring time and unnecessary confusion. Our software helps you accomplish whats best , action on Feedback. We help you point out exactly where are the holdups for the feedback to be fruitful for you and your customer.


Our core development team consists of individuals, who worked directly in the system and know the real time problems that lead to holdups and no action on feedback. While developing the system we were very much concerned about these issues and continously work on improving the system to improve the system.

Focus on our users

We know that the success of a feedback management system has more to do with the user than with the software they use. This philosophy impacts our product roadmap, directing us to focus on features and updates that make users more efficient.


For the money, we believe we offer the most robust, scalable and flexible solution.