Pricing Table

  Limited Version Free Pro (Recommended)$9.99 /month Pro Plus $19.99 /month
Feedback Forms
(No. of feedback forms you can add)
1 10 25
No of Feedback Responses Stored
(No. of Feedback responses that will be stored in your account)
50 1000 10000
Admin User
(Admin user can Create / Edit / Deploy feedback forms with complete access to reports)
1 1 1
Email Credits
( No. of emails you can send to interact directly with your visitors and forward internally)
0 5000 30000
Customize Feedback Forms
(Ability to Customize color themes, Questions, Categories and Logo for feedback form)
  Yes Yes
Email Alerts
(Email Notifications, when a feedback is received Or any critical level is reached)
  Yes Yes

Forward / Reply to Feedback
(Ability to forward and respond to feedback)

  Yes Yes
Custom Auto Response
(Ability to send an auto response to visitor submitting feedback)
  Yes Yes
Deployment Support
(Help with the initial setup and customization of web form)
  Yes Yes
Light Speed Server +
(Highly reliable & High Speed Enterprise Level Hardware)
  Yes Yes
Priority 24/7 Support
(Access to Priority Email Support)
  Yes Yes
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