Features Feedback hook

Completely Customizable Feedback forms

You can customize the feedback forms by adding matching colors, your Logo to match the look and feel of your website to ensure complete integration with your websites color theme. You can also customize the questions and categories to match your needs.

Easy integration/ deployment

Easy step by step wizard to setup feedback forms, involves one time copying and placing the code on your website. All the files and images are stored and served from our server, so no additional requirement of any infrastructure. Create multiple forms to integrate and monitor various sections of your website. It helps to find out What users think about your website and exactly what works and what is not providing for a good visitor experience.

Dynamic control over settings

You just need to place the code on your website once, all settings are dynamically controlled at our server, you will not require to add code on your web pages, once any settings have been changed.

Collect Visitor Details

Collect Name, Phone, Email address of your visitors and convert them to potential leads. It also comes handy to follow up on feedback and ensure better visitor/customer experience.

Pro actively Collect feedback

You may choose to increase the response rate by enabling Feedback Response Booster. Once enabled a set %age of site unique visitors will be prompted pro actively to provide feedback. It is very helpful, if you have just started and looking at finding pain areas for visitors.

Reward for feedback

If you plan on soliciting quick feedback. You may choose to offer reward to your site visitors providing feedback. e.g. You may offer a reward coupon worth 10% discount or any ebook download. This functionality helps you customize thank you page to display the reward or URL to claim the reward once a user has submitted feedback.

Easy Categorization

Our feedback tool is set in such a way by presenting category and sub categories to visitor while submitting feedback, you can also use sticky feature to categorize received feedback. This in a way, sets a two way mechanism to ensure feedback is categorized properly.

Mark Potential ideas

Our feedback tool also helps you mark potential ideas while reviewing feedback. It helps in segregating data when you have received a large number of feedbacks with time.

Reply to feedback / Action History

Send Auto response to visitors or personalized replies to start a dialog with visitors. Forward feedback to other members responsible for action who can log a response to feedback. All the activity and responses are logged in the system, to better organize correspondence.

Feedback Analytics Dashboard & Reports

Feedback dashboard gives you a quick overview and tips on exact state of visitor experience on your site for that month, More pre programmed reports are accessible under the reports section to gather useful and actionable data on visitor experience on click of a button. If you choose, you may also export data in csv format for custom analysis. This data is very useful to prioritize action on collected feedback.